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The MokaArt is here to provide you with a wide range of opportunities to help enhance your brand performance.

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Our graphic design program will prepare you to succeed in a dynamic and constantly changing industry. Mokaart in web and app design, print and e-publishing, or identity and branding design are essential to the success of many businesses.

Committed to the highest standards of Design for your brand, our unique approach to your business Design includes a strong foundation in the arts and brand values, as well as a solid background in business in the areas of various

MokaArt has worked in the design industry for 15 years, cutting his teeth at some of the leading agencies in Kerman, Rafsanjan and Other city of IRAN. Though, wanting to fully dive into his own style and create something he can truly call his own he founded MokaArt in 2021.

• MokaArt is Assist in product and packaging mock ups.

• preparation for trade shows such as marketing and advertising collateral, showroom signage and catalog publications.

• Interact and communicate with licensed artists, suppliers and freelancers.

• understanding of our customer’s needs. Sometimes includes understanding customer store layouts, shelf space, sales figures, etc.

• MokaArt is Review competitive products and opportunities for new.

• MokaArt is Conduct industry trend research on an ongoing basis by attending trade shows, reviewing trade publications, reading trend service information, staying up to date on relevant industry websites.

• direction of the Brand Manager/Merchandiser, create complete and comprehensive product lines from concept development to final production.

• Provide presentation materials, product mock ups, concept boards and other materials for new product concept reviews, sales pitches and product launches.

• Possess creative problem solving ability in order to effectively deal with potential product development problems.

• Demonstrate ability to work with other departments within the company to ensure a quality product can be sold at a competitive price.

One of the great things about networking as a graphic designer is that our work speaks for us. we don’t need to sweet-talk potential clients with a poetic cover letter or witty banter. we just need to put our best work, skills, and design experience in front of our audience.

So, we has create a pro digital design portfolio that appeals to art directors, creative directors, a creative agency, a digital agency, and key decision makers

Check out the our graphic design portfolio to rich for your dreams of Business.

Treat this like it’s the stepping stone to your next big gig, because it is. Moka Art carefully crafted professional portfolio will show companies exactly why they should hire us.